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Agua Escasez en Honduras

un nino bebidas sucio agua Tanto 1/5 de los mundos poblacion no tiene limpia agua – Es 1.1 mil personas. Fuera de la siete punto ocho mil personas que vive en Honduras, uno punto dos mil no tienen agua, y dos punto seis mil personas tienen … Continue reading

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bathroom powows

We continued our conversation, but suddenly had a strange change of subjects, for now we were discussing how vampires and zombies weren’t as awesome as ninjas and pirates. Of course that lead to some serious twilight bashing and fangirl rants, followed by the one and only legendary ninjas vs pirates debate. Continue reading

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endless seminar

I really don’t like having my birthday in January, but I love the winter-then again, i like being older than my friends, but i can’t stand being the shortest person I know In life there are so many likes and … Continue reading

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