REVOLUTION that’s what life is

Hi my names Sophie, and spellcheck doesn’t like my name.

REVOLUTION-a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it. I really like that word and the definition that comes with it. A revolution, no matter how bad, always has some good impact in the end. that’s what I have, do and will believe.

I love Life, school, my friends and family and am just juggling what life tosses my way. I’m 13 years old, a ninja, enjoying what every other teenager does, and more. My mom’s an artist, so I have a talent towards art, and I got my arguing skills from my father who’s a lawyer. I’m very interested in Japanese culture (manga, anime, food, history, tradition, and everyday life), art, math, travel, rain, music (I am a hardcore, dedicated piano student- but don’t worry, I like the Beatles too), and food. I’m not to fond of sleep because I’m practically nocturnal. I don’t hang out at the mall to much with friends, I prefer slumber parties, cooking, adventure, writing and reading. I would also love it very much if you would please follow my blog. Ah! the blog,….right…. this blog is just a slice of my pie called life. It’s sweet, sour, rich, and crispy, and I’m willing to share it with you. I’ve seen and done hardly anything, but to me it seems like the whole world; adventures, encounters, detours, road trips, fish plagues, Japan, Lost at sea, and ninjas. But gosh theres so much more to share, and to come, won’t you discover it with me?


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