bathroom powows

last night was a Tuesday, which means we pack up games, ipods, towels, and goggles and head for the swim meet. the goggles aren’t for me though, I don’t wear goggles, it’s something I’m known by.

When we got to the swim meet, Elizabeth came up to me and growled ‘there was thunder‘, oh great that means the meet was postponed by 30 minutes. so i sat down, and started conversation with a 15-18 boy about the video game kingdom Hearts. I had just finished discussing why Axel was my favorite character, when more thunder occurred, rumbling across the sky. I let out an exaggerated groan, as I sunk lower in my chair. I was going to be here for a long time.

after 3 more postponements it was now 6:30 in the evening and we had been at the pool since 4:00. people were starting to get grumpy, some had already left because they had small children, and others were packing up. I was beginning to doubt the odds of swimming on this particular night.

As the evening progressed, rain started to pelt from the heavens, along with thunder and lightning. they made everyone move under the roof, and kids inside the clubhouse. I traveled to the bathroom in search of adventure, to find a large group of swim team girls all sitting in a small area apart from the  stalls. They were all in a small huddle discussing issues such as cooking, cellphones, softball, the new prius model, and how headphones are easily tied into knots when you’re not looking. I walked over and hopped up onto the counter, enjoying their conversation about how those tomato slicers are plain crap, and really don’t work. it was a bathroom powow, although at the same time, not really a powow at all. more like a debate group, with no “sides”, although, that still isn’t a very good way to describe what it was.

After going through the most random collection of topics imaginable, my younger sister ran through the door, startling all of us, causing one of the 11-12’s to fall out of their chair, screeching in surprise.I chuckled inwardly, but turned to my sister with an emotionless expression. she (being obnoxious and loud) started to announce that it was pouring, and lightning hit a tree, and that they had locked the pool gates, in an attempt to not let anyone leave. slightly disturbed at the thought I was being held prisoner inside a pool, (during a lightning storm i might add) I frowned, but ignored the feeling of frustration and instead turned my attention back to the group of girls. We continued our conversation, but suddenly had a strange change of subjects, for now we were discussing how vampires and zombies weren’t as awesome as ninjas and pirates. Of course that lead to some serious twilight bashing and fangirl rants, followed by the one and only legendary ninjas vs pirates debate. I for one, sided with ninjas, being a huge Naruto fan myself.

when we all finally realized why we were at the pool (to swim of course) it was already 9:40 PM and some people in charge still insisted on having the meet. as ridiculous as it sounds, they made us stay until 10, but when the lightning started acting up once more, we were allowed to leave. After the car ride home, I was exausted, and collapsed onto the bed. As I drifted to sleep, I thought to my self…

and to think, that isn’t the craziest thing thats happened at my pool.


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