endless seminar

I really don’t like having my birthday in January, but I love the winter-then again, i like being older than my friends, but i can’t stand being the shortest person I know

In life there are so many likes and dislikes-advantages and disadvantages-give and takes, it’s the same concept really, over and over. people automatically think, okay half’s bad, and half’s good…so what? Well, it’s really not that simple and clean. dislikes and disadvantages are thought to be that bad ones, but really, the bad side could be either one. It can be bad to dislike a certain person, stereotype, or food, but at the same time, its good to dislike a bad thing; like the tendency to lie. a disadvantage in one situation, could be a well advantage in another situation. For example; a contest of cross the ocean, where a blind person, and a person with the ability to see are the sharks. the person with sight is bound to tag more people than the other shark, but when they blind-fold the one who can see, they are suddenly confused on how to go about the game, having relied on only their sight. The other hark, having already been blind, has either been replying on feel (water splashes, and currents indicating a minnow crossing the pool) or hearing. supposedly, since they have been blind since birth, their other senses are stronger than the average person. Therefore, the blind person would tag more people, already being used to relying on other senses besides sight.

Anyway,…….(thought lost…) anyway…… anyway! did you know that anyway isn’t actually a word? an that awesome is only used in scientific dialogue? if that’s correct then why is it so commonly used? does it count as slang? i don’t really know, in fact, I bet no-one knows for sure; it’s probably one of those things when brought up in debate, the seminar could go on forever. who knows… I don’t.


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I'm a healthy, fun loving individual who likes to write.
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